The Business Incubator is one of the most efficient instruments of small business support. At the first stage the majority of small enterprises expend enormous efforts to address administrative issues like search for office and production premises, setting up communications, purchasing office equipment, getting qualified accounting, legal and other services.

The main goal of the Business Incubator is rendering these services to small enterprises in order to help them concentrate on business development during a company's first years. The end product of the Business Incubator is an independent entrepreneur properly adapted to market conditions.

The Business Incubator of the Republic of Karelia was established in July 2007 with the support of the Government of the Republic of Karelia and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The Business Incubator of the Republic of Karelia is a modern office facility located in the downtown and equipped with all the necessary communication and alarm systems.

Office premises occupy the greater share of the Business Incubator. It also has a classroom, a conference hall of 50-person capacity and a meeting room of 10-person capacity. The conference hall is equipped with a multimedia projector, an audio system, a desk with internet access.

Small enterprises located in the Business Incubator get not only fully equipped office space at a privilege price but also different extra services ranging from information support to consulting and assisting in participating exhibitions, fairs and presentations. Small businesses may reside in the Business Incubator up to 3 years till reaching break-even point.

Newly established small enterprises have a priority for entering the Business Incubator, particularly if they are innovative. Only small businesses can get office premises, apart from those operating in the following fields: retail and wholesale, construction, gambling industry, personal and medical services.

By offering its services the Business Incubator provides entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to establish an enterprise by minimum administrative cost.

If you have interesting innovative-technical projects and you are eager to make them a reality, the Business Incubator of the Republic of Karelia is able to render you viable support.